About Us

Our new website is http://www.ivorymodels.com.ng

Ivorymodels is a modeling agency dedicated towards helping young beauties in discovering their talents and projecting African beauty to the World stage. The brand is strongly bent towards projecting the best of African fashion, lifestyle and trends.
Company Overview
Ivorymodels was founded in the year 2010 by young individuals in the University of Ibadan and it was officially launched with professional models in the year 2011. As one of the leading creative agencies in the field of fashion and lifestyle we create unforgettable moments and works for our customers! Our productions are tailored to your needs and desires. We work very professionally and with attention to detail.
Ivorymodels is a professional Modeling Agency in Nigeria. We provide individual approach, care of the image of the best contracts. Jobs in Abuja, Enugu, Kano, Lagos, Portharcourt, Ibadan, Akure and other parts of Nigeria, Africa and around the world. We deliver the best models to suit your want, having from the little kids to the top male models and our astonishing female models. We offer support services to event host and directors. We are opened to all kinds of modeling related deals which are legal by law.
With looks that embody the most current trends, Ivorymodels’ clients are style-setting celebrities gracing renowned fashion publications, television and movie screens, prestigious ad campaigns and ultra-chic catwalks from Lagos to Abuja, across Africa and beyond.
Ivorymodels is dedicated to scouting fresh new talent who have what it takes to become the next top model, all while maintaining dynamic relationships with local, national, and international clients.

Our Type’s Of Models
Glamour models: glamour photography emphasizes the model rather than products. The sexuality of a model is emphasized.
Super models: these are ivorymodels’ top fashion models, cover girls for top fashion magazines.
Fitness models: the displaying of athletic and healthy physique.
Bikini models: models with emphasis on the female curves.
Fine art models: pose models for photographers, painters, and sculptor for their art.
Alternative models: a non-fit normal category model, tattooed, punk, or Goth. These mix with high fashion and art models.
Body part models: these are models with unique division of talent particularly attractive body parts, for Example, Hand models may be used to promote nail care products, while wrist models are used in promoting wrist watch and other bracelet.
Collar models: these set of models is exclusive to Ivorymodels’ management and staff. These are models with core talent and experience in communication, there service are to do some special duties for companies, such as an ambassador to a particular company product, marketing and as well as presentation team.
Video shoot models: these are models that appear on musical video, we also train models to be professional video vixens.
Support service model: usherette at a well financed function.
Ivorymodels and Nigerian aspiring models
If you are a Nigerian, African or African in abroad, Ivorymodels is opened to signing young and old models, you don’t have to be a professional in the industry to be a part of our team, we train you and make you runway diva and of course an astonishing beauty.
For further information on how you can become a model under our management, please send a mail to join@ivorymodels.com.ng, with subject (want to model). Pls click HERE to be enlisted!


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  1. hi,i have passion for modelling,am tall,beautiful with a nice body structure.pls here is my phone nos 08104199877.

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