Hands clicking on the mouse
The World reads his post
Olajide sinu owo
Olajidide sinu ola
His wealth is in his ideas
Humanity feeds from his links
His depth in his search
Its breath is without trap

Akuko gagara…
Omo to nimo bi omi laarin opo omo.
Like the guy who climbed through
You’ve made history
Seeming smile you brought to many
Patience and humility personified
Clothed in compassion for others will

You find a guy who will sell you
Even when you cannot sell you
You find a guy who will show the world your beauty

Even when you doubt your beauty
You find a guy who will make men wave at you
Even when you won’t smile at you
He is just next door…Olajide Johnson

Homezone’s pride
ivorymodel’s model
BookRepublic’s notepad
And internet’s buddy.
Happy Birthday Brother of ‘lyfe’

From the Board of Directors of Homezone Media (HZM), we wish you wealth ‘n’ health in all your endeavors. Keep searching and marketing. We are proud of you anyday, everyday and anytime.


This article was Written by: Akinsiku Abiodun Johnson (Artistic Director, Homezone Media)

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