Down in the silent path,
We kicked, talked and danced but you walked…
The way to the stream isn’t
The same as we see in film
This road I know,
Brought pains most excruciating

This road…
Yet you carried an earthen pot refined
In it, substance weighty but fine
The road seem long but…
Nne, you pushed till you got to the sea shore
Still we kicked, talked and danced yet you walk…

This road…
Nne, you smile and dropped the pot unhurt
Like a sight of ‘wura’ and ‘fadaka’,
Crowned to the son in a manger
You nurtured with the finest, tightest and best of materials.

This road isn’t rosy at all
You alone carried your pot and raised.
You alone carried the water and preserved till it becomes an ocean.
Nne, I cried but still you smile

This road…
This road mother,
It leads to the ocean you carried
It leads to the heated home of gold you burnt

This road mother,
It brings refreshing showers of the dew
It unveils the harvest of treasures invested.

This road nne…
Chia ochi
For the time is now
Iya ni wura…
Gbaram mother
For this road is close.
We will talk, kick and dance but…
No more will you walk
No more will you carry the pot.

This road mother…
Has gotten to the bend where you rest.

Orisa bi iya kosi laye.
The wave will soothe your nerves
And calm…you sleep and smile
You will wake and see your pot
And calm…still you will smile
For your pot will carry you
For long till you walk this road
Till we walk, kick and talk
But I carry…
Iya l’alabaro eni.

This road nne,
8th June, 2013 is the day
The moist in the sky drizzles
The rain breezle
The waves covers the earth.
Mummy: Mrs Henrietta Memeh
Nne tey egu awuli
In gold it spells in my mind


(We have so much of the memory that makes you special and indelible. You are best that has happened to us. Thank you for choosing to be an example of motherhood to many. Thank you for being there for us. May your smile never fade off) Happy Birthday Mum.

Written by Abiodun Akinsiku (Artistic Director of Homezone Media) & Warrens Ruth
Dedicated to: Mrs Henrietta Memeh Nne (Picture Above)

A creative Piece from HZM.

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