Trailblazer Entertainment presents D’KingsMen Rave Party

Kingsmen Party StickerThe everblazing entertainment outfit, Trailblazer Entertainment presents  D’KingsMen Rave Party. The official Unibadan post-exam party, the official Trailblazer hand-over party. You’ve heard the Myth, now is the time for you to witness royalty. This is not a party for kids, and as such we won’t be playing hide and seek. It’s a party for creamy chics, famous poppaholics, golden ballers, extravagant dudes and sexy divas, it’s a party for D’KingsMen. You’ll not do what you cannot be proud of. You’ll be identified as that sexy diva that made all dudes “go gaga” or that extravagant dude that painted the “palace” with champagne, you’ll be identified as one of  D’KingsMen!!!
Date: 18th May, 2013.
Palace: KokoDome Nite Club, Dugbe Ibadan.
Tax: Chiefs; 2K NGN. KingsMen; 4K NGN.
(Free for ladies)
Convoy leaves UI gate 23:00 GMT +1 W. Central Africa.
Free accommodation for all from outside Ib City.
Media Coverage: Soundcity, EB Ent.,, WhatzHot Intl. Mag., FR, HomeZoneMedia Studios and many more…
It has been prophesied that this Saturday, u’ll be part of royalty!!!Kingsmen Party Flyer

Come, stake your claim for place in the royal dynasty!!!

Prince Wale Blaze™
CEO, Trailblazer Entertainment.


Kingsmen Party Flyer  2


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