*music* Arewa lara ati lokan*music*

On the shores of a river
Its tail beckons
Hand stretched, it calls

Eniyan dudu, kii sewa dudu

They say that she’s black
But to me she’s bright
Her beaded waist gives rhythm to her pace
As though the ‘sekere’ metronone wails.
The strings of the ‘ileke idi’ wraps my memory
Her beauty is in her ‘toro eke’,
Like the depth in sweet apple fruit.
So when she speak her sonorous voice


Ibadi aran
Owon gogo bi ti ooja aran
Fishes knows its kind,
As roses smile at a wet soft fertile ground.
Eagles knows its peers ,
As its soars and glides on the back of his friend.
The wind rest on the call of the rain
So does the croaky frog calls.

Eyin funfun bi egbin
Ala funfun bi ofurufu

To many she is a distraction
To one, an inspiration
A fuel to living without which is death
The heartbeat of her GCFR
Without which nation dies
Her peers winks and beefs
But still their mind calls

Ko seye bi okin ninu igbo
Iru ewa yi yato si tesi

Special among its peers and equals
You are inestimable
The fact is incontestable
Just sleep with your pride high
Cos you know who you are.
A prince, princess and not a slave.

O daro o
A o ni tibi orun de saare.
A o sini pejo sunkun ara wa.
Ire o…
Ka sun re.

Written by:    Abiodun Akinsiku Johnson


Dedicated to a Unique African Jewel…(Warrens Ruth Ameachi)


Akinsiku Abiodun Johnson is the Artistic and Creative Director of Homezone Media


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