Married Women Throwing Shade at Singles – A Bone To Pick

My Female Persuasion



Today’s post inspired by —

A long-time girlfriend (19 years) who recently invited me on a trip – NEXT YEAR to Soul Beach Music Festival in Aruba.

As usual, she prefaced her invitation with “it’s really for couples but” and then added you can always bring ‘Danielle’ if you want to.”

I thought to myself – #1, you’re inviting me to a ‘couples only’ event for what? Because you feel guilty about excluding me from your life based on my relationship status? Why bother? One thing I accept is that all relationships have boundaries. If I see you once a year and talk to you five, there’s still no love lost. I accept the limits of our friendship.

And #2, you tell me who to bring – another long-time female friend whom you’ve met once or twice? What if I wanted to bring someone else who your husband might…

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