I honestly have never paid much attention to her, but suddenly when I read that ‘someone’ in Nigeria – don’t worry it wasn’t Dare – paid $500,000 ( that is over N80 million Naira if you didn’t know) as appearance fee to have Kim Kardarshian make the briefest appearance in the history of Nigerian showbiz, I got interested in her, very interested.Kim K and Kanye in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

I was not as interested in the fee as I became interested in what a woman who could attract such a fee does and what she represents. What female personality will draw that kind of sensational attention from our garbage consuming Nigerian public? Kim – to any seasoned image manager – is the obvious choice!

The real question then is, Who is Kim?

Wiki describes her as an American socialite and TV personality who came to light in the event of winning a court case where she got awarded a $5,000,000 over the issue of a sex tape. Kim’s fame has grown on the followership she has garnered on her family reality show – Keeping up with the Kardarshians. Kim and her sisters also co-own a fashion line called D-A-S-H. In 2011, Kim got married to a basketballer and then sensationally got a divorce 72 days after. She is also in an ongoing relationship with Kanye West and expecting his baby.

I am not going to bore you with stuff you already know about her, but Kim’s life does not read like one of an ideal role model. Yet Kim represents all that is trendy, entertaining and is considered the good life to us today – She is Sexy, and she represents Sensuality. Permit me take a quick detour to the real issue at this point.

It has become weird what we term ‘fashion’, what we call trendy, and what is in vogue today – the things that ‘trip‘ us. It’s a wonder the phrase ‘common sense’ still exists especially as our sense of what is important, really has flown out of the window. Trends seem to havereplaced our common sense. This lack of common sense is most evident in our lifestyle, fashion, entertainment and moral culture. The sad thing is we really don’t realize that this is a war we are losing – The war to keep our sanity and our souls and those of coming generations.

Let me take fashion first. Today it seems so normal that people consider ‘nakedness’ a fashion statement. 2Everywhere we go now, we see boobs and laps flapping around like flags in the wind. Ladies with cleavages as open as bedroom windows and clothes so tight, even their skin can’t catch a breath. Most of what we call fashion today 15 -20 years ago would have been referred to as outfits only fit for harlots. Men today are wearing skinny jeans that were called leggings back in the day, outfits only fit for faggots, boys sagging jeans and looking like touts out of American correctional facilities. We live with these things everyday, and it is no longer an anomaly. What am I saying that is new anyway?

However, what it is doing to our minds is where the real problem is. Our minds have dulled beyond recognition, warped beyond conscious awareness. It seems we now think we live in a virtual reality, where what we do, does not affect our lives. We push the bounds of choice, daring to do anything in order to enjoy ourselves, get noticed, using the liberty and freedom we have to break all laws of moral restraint, and yet somehow we think we can evade the inevitable consequences of our choice?

The biggest lie we tell ourselves is that it really doesn’t matter.

Recently, I stood at the entrance waiting to catch an 18-year-old cousin of mine that I found out would sneak out of school to go celebrate her birthday party at a night club. As I stood there and watched the Lagos night life unfold, I saw several young girls of her age coming out of cabs in the most outrageous outfits. Skimpies, shorties, and slickies, clothes with more holes and see-through, that any rag would have seemed less torn. Young pretty girls between the ages of 16 – 21 entered the club in droves and, I wondered how so many fathers would be asleep thinking their daughters are in bed, while the girls are out at night selling sex. Did I hear you say ahan! Are they all having sex in nightclubs? No that is definitely not what I am saying but the clothes and lifestyle is one that sells sex, saying ‘Hey, I am old enough, I can have sex and I am available’. Again most nightclubs are filled with harlots waiting to pick up men for commercial sex. How then do we tell a harlot from a regular girl? Our fashion and clothes that we wear today leave no way for us to tell. No wonder the term lady and bitch can be used in one sentence these days.

4In entertainment, musicians seem to have nothing else to sing about. I bought an 18 track album released by Iyanya recently and all I heard was omoge oloson gbewa o!, ’your waist…your waist all I want is your waist’, Kukere kukere, I getti money o!, Sex mama oya kajo mama, her yansh dey make me maga. At the Africa Magic Viewers Choice awards AMVCA awards Ike, the presenter of the big brother Africa competition said he wondered what people liked about Iyanya’s music, especially as it seemed to have no evident message other than sex.
In fairness to Iyanya, I once heard he said when he was making proper music, we the public, didn’t buy his tapes. His accusation means that we sub-consciously­ prefer obscenities in our music these days to sensible music. Today he dishes us crap and we lap it up greedily and he is not the only one. Is it Wizkid or the Ice prince or D’banj that has anything else to say? They all just sell sex, money, fame and sex again. Our movies are no better. playingsafeposterThe Tonto Dikehs, Ini Edos Uche Jombos and Mercy Johnsons seem to be trying harder and harder to reveal more and more. It is said that these things are a reflection of our society…a society constantly trying to copy and consume western culture without counting the cost.

Our moral culture which really is what we call ‘common sense’- is a sense of right and wrong which we all commonly agree to. Did we all agree that nakedness and lewd dressing are the next level of sociocultural advancement? At what point in time did we all come to a consensus that sex and sexuality are the most important things to us in life? This uncontrolled consumption of sex and sexuality is the reason for the indigestion of social sicknesses we see in our environment. Rape, homosexuality, prostitution, child molestation, divorce, STD’s, broken homes, infidelity, to mention only a few are the order of the day.scarlet28worldmissun29

Today I woke to find trending, a video of another set of boys gang-raping a girl who was begging and wailing as the boys recorded their wicked lasciviousness.­ As usual the public outcry and the man-hunt for the perpetrators begin again until a few weeks from now when the public’s conscience settles down, we all forget and go back to minding our businesses until the next event that goes public happens again. We do nothing but bleat like sheep as the evil continues.

Have we ever stopped to ask why these evils don’t go away? No, it is not only the devil that is at fault. We all are part of this vicious circle of evil. How are we complicit you may ask? Simple, because every man has refused to take up his communal responsibilitie­s and decided to mind only his own business. For instance, you may ask, what is my business with a road-side seller who has decided to pitch his tent at my junction to sell pornographic videos? Well, who do you think is going to buy those videos? Your friends, your sons, your house boys, your neighbours sons, your mechanic, your guard, your laundryman. Who do you think they are going to want to test it out on? Your daughters, your sisters, your girlfriends, or even your wife and possibly every lady you know.Denrele, Goldie and Kween Onakala pose for Sims Magazine

The truth is, every sexual vice we permit in the name of liberalism, sophistication and social tolerance will rear its ugly head in a place too close for comfort. The sexual perversion and subtle hints we permit in our movies, music, fashion and wave aside as no big deal, have their manifestations in the sexual vice in the environments we live in. The boys we see in the molestation videos today are a product of several hours and days on end, spent watching all the different forms of pornography, boys who feel the pent-up pressure of the social perversion we permit and now seek release in acts of rape and violence. I fear that sociopaths and psychopaths are soon to manifest in our society, a malaise that plagues the western world that we are so quick to emulate.

What can we then do?

We may ask how did our demon-believing­ ancestors keep the devil and his cohorts at bay in the dark ages. Why does it seem
that our morals were better in the age of darkness than in the age of enlightenment? I will tell you why. When the villages were ravaged by diseases and death, the people would repent and together they would go and swear before their gods that they will not commit offences real or perceived anymore, and the people would hold themselves responsible by ensuring that whosoever grieved the gods were pushed or cast out or killed. This culture however barbaric and archaic, had its social benefit. This cultural mien is today called Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR). All of us must understand that the solution starts with us all, realizing that we have a responsibility to be our brothers and sisters keepers, understanding that what afflicts one afflicts all. So if your neighbour’s daughter is behaving in an unbecoming manner, it is your responsibility to speak to her and where appropriate, reports to her parents may be required. We still have a lot to learn from the past, and if we were to ask what God’s opinion is about all this… this article will not end.

Not all of our cultural heritage is bad, and God’s ways still seem most relevant, let’s not lose it all in the name of selling modern sensuality. My opinion, what is yours?




One thought on “WHY SEX SELLS

  1. Thank you for your reply it is most appreciated the difference is with my story was that I Just got on with my life and had no idea in the early stages who was distributing nude photos of me and posting them over the Internet nor did I ever think that more than one x-boyfriend was involved where they had turned the public against me over the years with Litigation that would make your hair curl and stories that had no foundation to them thus turning people dead against me,I was completely alone as you can see from my story there have been many vendeta’s along the way ,with people trying there best to hurt me however the end result will be positive and I will come out the Victor Cheers Cheryl Kim is lucky to have been awarded $5 million dollars I will be seeking much more than that amount.

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