English: Aches and Pains

English: Aches and Pains (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Darkness in the Light

Darkness in the Light (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

vrolijke fietstas

vrolijke fietstas (Photo credit: marie-ll)

razak(for Abike)

Tonight, the wind blows from the house of song


If the dusk wears the coat of darkness,

Yours is a beam of rejuvenated moon,

Myriads of stars dwell in your eyes,

Since you are the summary

Of my interminable poem Abike,

I crave no more for verses of waiting,

Aches and tears of longing,

Our love is the epiphany of our dreams,

We are the births of undiscovered centuries.


Since your arrival, like the nocturnal bird,

I yearn for the melodies in your echoes,

The flavor of your kiss dries

The dewdrop of July’s rain,

Since your love walls my thoughts,

Leave the seers to cast spell of lies,

I fear not, for your touche melts my aches into scars

That need no balm to varnish

We are beyond the incantations of greedy gods.


But Abike

When the earth buries the footprints of yester-years,

And my scent lodges inside the coffin of departure,

Do remember

That the tomb is a testament for every wayfarer,

Unearth my poems when I’m gone,

My shadow dwells inside the caravan of your heart.



Ololufe :- My love

Abike (born to care for)



About the author



Rasaq Malik is a student of the University of Ibadan. He writes poems and he believes we can change the world through words. He also lives in Ibadan.

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