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*soft phone alarm*
What’s that sound? Shit, it’s my phone. What time is it? Aww damn!! Time to go. I didn’t sleep a wink all through the night and it’s not just because of the mosquitoes nor the cramped space of her little bed. Well,not little, because it’s soft and big enough for her sexy body… Oh,here we go again. I’ve been thinking all through the night as well. Just a little touch babe,pls…
My phone alarm’s going off at the very moment sleep seems to be taking over my heavy eyes. Wish I didn’t have to make this trip buh I gotta go. I drag my body, no, extract is more like it since my body’s been wedged between her bed and her tempting buttocks all night long. I get up, check my phone for the time while reaching out for her towel. Uh oh. I have a feeling…

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