My Female Persuasion


In a previous post, Doctor’s Orders: Date A Younger ManI filled you in on my 40-something year-old doctor’s relationship with a man in his 20’s, and her suggestion that I consider doing the same. I saw no problem with such a scenario as long as the relationship is healthy (hers is unhealthy).

Read along as I outline the pros and cons that come with older women dating significantly younger (10+ years) men. These women are sometimes referred to as MILFs (“Moms I’d like to f*ck), or cougars. Just for reference purposes, I have a tiny bit of experience. 😉

Here we go.

The Upsides to Dating a Younger Man

  • Curiosity. He’s more open to learning and exploring. The “ambitious” younger man will likely have more of an air of “intellectual curiosity,” versus a know-it-all air of superiority (because they’ve been there and done it all). You can…

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