OMAWUMI EXCLUSIVE: ‘I’ll not fall for the pressure of marriage’


After coming second at the first West African Idol in 2007, singer Omawumi Megbele has gone ahead to become a force in the music sector. Her jovial nature and distinct sense of style have helped her gain acceptance.

In this interview, she tells us of her plans for marriage, her baby and her career.

What informed your change of hairstyle?

I always make different hairstyles, but whenever I want to get on stage, I know I have a signature look. I try different things. I like my afro look and I advise everybody gets one too, irrespective of the desire to experiment with other styles.

You seem to have a thing for African fabrics sewn in tube style. Why is that?

I used to tell myself it is cheaper and asides from that its nicer and I like to portray my culture and where I come from every time I have to make an appearance as an artiste. I am an export, don’t forget. If I am taken to America, I am not expected to wear American clothes. As regards my love for tubes, I like accentuating my shoulders because they are small and it makes me a lot comfortable and before you ask why they are always short, it is because I like to show off my legs and that is about it.

Which Nigerian designers do you work with?

I work with a whole lot Nigerian designers, Ituen Basi, Sasha’s Eclectic, Ejiro Amos Tafiri. I also work with stylists, Ebun Aboderin and Ify. I have never made myself out to be a fashion icon or fashionista, I try hard though, but I am a musician, not a fashionista.

Tell us about your upcoming concert

I have my concert coming up in April. I realised a lot of people wonder who I really am, which is what I intend showing on the day of the concert. I agree I joke and I have a tendency to be a bit healthy crazy but I am also a very serious person. All these personalities are what I intend displaying on stage on that day.

How do you manage to keep up your energy on stage?

I think it is because I perform frequently nowadays, that gives a level of confidence. However, before I get on stage, I usually like to relax and save up the energy.

Has there ever been a time, when people failed to respond to your performance the way you expected?

There has and it happens a lot of time. It is usually a mixture of both. There are times when people go crazy and there are times when they don’t but the thing is, I am an eclectic artiste. I have had both command and energy performances, so I understand it is not every time people want to jump and shout.

What is delaying your second album?

I have been working and now I am ready. My album will be out in a matter of weeks and it will be titled, Lasso of Truth and before you ask what it means. My last album was titled Wonder Woman and in the story about her, she has a lasso with which she whips and forces victims to tell the truth. That is what I am about as an artiste and it reflects in my songs too. It will be a 12 track album and I can’t reveal for now who I worked with because anything can happen at any time.

What do you do apart from music?

I work, although it relates to music too. I write and compose songs for blue chip companies which they use for adverts. I also have personal businesses that I run, don’t ask me about it. I also host programmes, I did The Headies last year. I act too and will be off to Ghana next week for a movie location with John Dumelo, Majid Michel.

What do you intend doing with your law programme?

I will have to go to Law school but I don’t know about practising

Six years after West Africa Idols, why do you think you didn’t win?

While in the house, I worked as hard as I could do and when it was announced, there was nothing I could do. People thought I was faking my happiness for Timi Dakolo, but I wasn’t. At that moment, I had two feelings. A sense of gratitude, because I did not believe I could get that far and of course I felt low that I dint win, but I am happy Timi (Dakolo) won. It was better he won than anybody.

How is your baby (Kamila) doing?

She is doing really fine.

By Olamide Jasanya from Nigerian Entertainment today



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