Natural beauty product – Korres

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One of the obvious benefits of having someone go overseas is of course all the goodies they bring back. In my case, my overseas haul included some skincare from Korres. For those of you familiar with the fabulousness of this range you can skip ahead to the next paragraph – for everyone else, here’s some quick info- Korres (named after it’s Greek founder George Korres) is a range of homeopathic natural skincare which is both friendly to the skin and the environment. You can feel good about using their products as everything is made from natural, herbal ingredients, with no toxins or chemicals. Even their packaging is made from environmentally sound material which is 99% recyclable.

The two products I’ve been trialling for a week now are the ‘Wild Rose Moisturising Cream’ and the ‘Wild Rose Eye Cream’. My sister has been using these products for a while and she’s…

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