BALLAD (OF LOVE)…for Aduke by Rasaq Malik Gbolahan



and if the night is blind

to know the color of our moon

if those eyes are broken mirrors

viewing the scene and stage of our performance

do tell them

that we need no witness in this journey

just little prayers and ineffable songs

just memory and nothing else

but do remember that inexplicable three words

and sometimes before the presence of the wind

those nights we lurked eyes at the beach

where only single sound hearkened to our lofty songs

those nights and many moons

when only your heart i worshipped at the shrine of love


and aduke

the heart of the cloud

is simple

just a broken needle

that weaved the web of darkness

and aduke

the house of love is far

a distant web on the wall of remembrance

but do remember that memories are waiting songs

they will soon incite the whispers of past recollections

and what about those promises and love letters

those names and ancestral names

and many tales we shared at the first meeting

many dreams and aspirations we long for


and do you remember the signals of those destined rains?

those rains that eroded away the pains of yesteryears

those memoirs we read before that anniversary of love

do you remember the lone song we sang at those indelible nights

those songs and those lyrics

your voice masters my heart

your love tutors my mind

i wriggle in the ocean of your love

i still wriggle, i still wriggle….aduke

i still marvel at those memories

i still name them all

i name your smiles and your eyes

the color of your eyes

and the flashes in your lens

that white teeth i chased to hidden

that lips i gripped during that night

i still invite those moments

to present the certificate of eternal admiration


and aduke

there are journeys

and there are tales

for there is no journey without tales

no tale without adventure

and I believe

I believe in that distant night

that night i saw you roaming the street of my thought

that night I dreamt

not like a wanderer

but like a heart cuddled

with eternal dream of untainted love


and do not let the seer forecast cloudy divinations

those seers and sages from that broken villages

ashes of lies and woods of war

those sages and these burning flames

are nothing but the brooks of forgotten histories

they are but the fallen fences of weak foundations………………………………



2 thoughts on “BALLAD (OF LOVE)…for Aduke by Rasaq Malik Gbolahan

  1. This is marvelling… Every line comes beating on the fragile heart of mine. Your dictions are delightful, awesomely simple, but they grace the heart with cheer. I’ll so love to read more of your great works. Permit me to add you up on facebook. A toast to the beginning of revering friendship…..

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