Google is busy adding more features to its social networking site Google+ in a bid to make it competitive enough to attract traffic. The latest additions include Google+ creative kit, Ripples and “What’s Hot” as announced via Google’s blog.

The Creative Kit is a fun way of editing your photos with some really powerful filters. In keeping with the Halloween season, you can also Halloweenize your pics with the help of some pre-sets and controls.

“We want to help everyone put their best photo forward, so today we’re introducing the Google+ Creative Kit, a fast and friendly way to make powerful edits to your photos.

Now you can add that vintage feel to your vacation photos. Or sharpen those snapshots from the family barbeque. Or add some text for added personality. With the Creative Kit, all you need is an idea”

Ripples is basically “a visualization tool for public shares and comments.” It allows users to re-live all the conversations, comments and shared stuff during the short history of Google+.

“To get started, just find a public post that interests you, and select “View Ripples.” From there you can replay its activity, zoom in on certain events, identify top contributors and much more. Google+ Ripples is still experimental, so let us know how we can make it more informative and more awesome.”

Google is rolling out this feature gradually so it may not be available to all of you rout there.

Google+ also now offers its users another feature, which lets them see the hot stuff on Google+.

“What’s Hot” has been added just below new posts and there is a new menu item on the right side of the page. You need to sign in and out to see what’s hot.

These new features will definitely add some more value to user experience on Google+. Try out these features and let us know about your feedback!


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