Its unusual to post article like this on this blog, but this story is appealing and we believe sharing it will be a wonderful effort…kudos to the writter!


This was written by a very special and dear friend of mine. She is, in my opinion, three parts sister, one part friend. I am grateful that she thought me worthy of such an article, and delighted that she agreed to me publishing it on my blog. I’m very proud to present ‘Sinmi Aiyelaagbe, the first guest writer on this blog. Believe me when I say she’s going places with her writing. 

Sinmi, thank you very much for the honour. May God bless you.

It’s 11:30pm. I’m cat-footing into the house, or at least I’m trying to. Faint sucking sounds come from under my feet with every step I take, and it’s not easy to be as silent as I would like to be. It’s a humid night, and quite a bit of moisture has accumulated between the soles of my shoes and the ground, hence the sucking…

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