Poem for an African maiden

To my beauty

In the moonless night,
I saw your starry eyes,
Mapping the lane of light,
In the drowsy dusk,
Your words bring light,
Your voice echoes life,
My heart shivers in your embrace

My beauty,
You are the sun in the sky,
Endowed with glistening skin,
Draped in regalia of beauty,
I will walk to the altar of love
To re-read your charming lines.

I dreamt of you,
During those endless hours of our love,
You are the lines in my verses,
I must recite your poems.

Undiluted beauty,
Like the taste of nascent palmwine,
You are the rain in my season,
Your homecoming splashes endless joy.

My beauty,
The one I adore,
From the depth of my heart,
The one I meditate on,
To live on the planet,
I must welcome your arrival
That sates my longing

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                                                                                             Rasaq Malik



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